Limitless is a property developer and builder of residential projects, with a track record stretching back 18 years in the residential apartment and luxury housing markets.

Collaboration with leading contemporary architects and designers has allowed Limitless to move through different markets, delivering a range of residential offerings at the forefront of design combining creativity with practicality.

Limitless aims to make every property, whether it be an investment unit or a luxury house, something that people enjoy coming home to and to deliver certain elements which are slightly departed from mainstream architecture.

Holding an in-house open building license enables Limitless Constructions (the building division) to provide a seamless, reliable process that ensures consistent and accountable project delivery at the highest level of quality yet maintain flexibility throughout the project.

Limitless takes exceptional pride in their projects and strives to provide ongoing assistance in their completed buildings to drive repeat purchases and loyalty with their existing client base.

Nick Barr

With over 18 years of construction and development experience Nick has maintained his passion for exceptional design and an unwavering attention to detail. Maintaining integrity, key personal touches and delivering a product purchasers are pleased to own are key drivers behind the business.

Sean Ellem

Sean has extensive experience managing residential, commercial and industrial projects and is very knowledgable across all areas of construction. He is a loyal and dedicated member of the team who strives to meet his deadlines and deliverables. When not on a project Sean is a committed father, renovator and an avid cyclist.