A Leading Australian Property Development Company Specializing in Boutique Residential, Hospitality & Commercial Projects

With a strong commitment to quality and sustainability, our proudly Australian-owned company has thrived for 23 years in the property development industry. We don’t just construct buildings for today; we shape a brighter, more sustainable future. Mindful of our environmental impact, we craft spaces that foster thriving communities, creating environments where people want to stay, live and work.

We embrace the future with unwavering confidence and a relentless drive to lead our industry. Whether it’s choosing exceptional locations, pioneering innovative project types, or elevating our offerings, we consistently seek opportunities for strategic growth. Our ultimate goal is to secure another generation of success.

The horizon of our ambitions knows no bounds. Since 2012, we’ve proudly delivered a diverse portfolio of projects worth over $150 m and a further $160m in the pipeline. Our developments go beyond industry standards, creating homes, accommodation, workspaces, and investment properties that consistently exceed expectations.

Through thorough research of various sectors and markets, we maintain our competitive advantage in the industry through detailed knowledge of locations, infrastructure, construction and markets. We expand our boundaries to offer inspiring and captivating properties that seamlessly blend artistic design with functional practicality, all within highly sought-after locations and expected returns.

By strengthening our existing partnerships and fostering collaborations with leading architects, consultants, superannuation funds, family offices and institutions, we are poised to take our business expansion to unprecedented heights. These collaborations not only elevate our capabilities but also address the pressing need for high-quality growth in the accommodation sector.


Nick Barr brings a wealth of experience to the construction and development arena, with an impressive 28-year track record in the industry. Throughout his career, Nick has remained steadfast in his commitment to exceptional design and an unwavering attention to detail.

Setting Nick apart is his unwavering dedication to integrity and his penchant for infusing key personal touches into every project he undertakes. He understands that it’s not just about constructing buildings; it’s about crafting spaces that resonate with people, spaces that purchasers are genuinely thrilled to call their own.

Nick Barr’s passion for his craft continues to drive his business forward, ensuring that each project stands as a testament to his commitment to excellence and his ability to turn visions into realities.

Nick Barr’s journey from labourer to industry leader exemplifies the core values that define Limitless: dedication, hard work, integrity, and reliability.


Nick Barr learnt building, construction and development from the ground up, starting out as a labourer while studying construction management at university. Having seen both the best and the worst in the industry, he started Limitless knowing that to succeed, passion and hard work need to go hand in hand with integrity and reliability.